For a family portrait that will last a lifetime.

We offer location portraits at your home or in the studio whichever is more suited to your taste.

In studio we offer high key (white background) or low key (dark background).

This is usually determined by the clothes that you are wearing. With a pre-sitting consultation

we can determine which will best suit you.

Preparing for group portraits

Casual or formal, the choice is yours and should reflect your life-style. We ask that

everyone dress the same, if casual then everyone must dress casual and if formal then

everyone should dress formally.

Theme Color

A theme color should be carried throughout the portrait. For

example, if blue is the theme color then everyone in the group must wear blues or neutral

colors to blue. Theme colors will tie the group together as a unit. Also choose the theme

color based on where the portrait will be displayed. Never mix colors.

Solid Colors

Patterns and designs are distracting in a portrait and will dominate the people

for attention. everyone should wear solid colors only.

Head to Toe

In much of our photography the entire body will show so be sure to have

shoes which compliment the outfits. Tennis shoes do not photograph well.


Many families think of the pet as a family member, so we like to include them in

the portrait. There is no additional fee to include pets.


We often photograph large family groups that include grandparents, parents and

grandchildren. If you would like, we can break the large group into smaller groups such as

grandparents alone or with grandchildren, individual families and groups of children or children

alone. Please discuss this with our staff prior to the session so we can allow plenty of time

and give you a breakdown on the session fee.


Glass glare in a portrait is expensive to remove. Glass Glare on certain

types and shaped lenses is nearly impossible to avoid, so we ask that you bring a second pair

with the lenses removed.

Facial Shine

A little powder goes a long way. If you tend to have a shiny complexion,

please bring some powder to avoid additional retouching costs.

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